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Stock SearchTool Screener
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Disclaimer: This is NOT investment advice, just general help and opinions. Please check with a registered investment advisor before making any investment decisions. This document may contain errors. Chapman Advisory Group LLC employees are not investment advisors. Please review:
Starting a stock screen
  • Figure below shows a basic long stock search by setting search parameters: Price, Typ Volume, Target 1 Profit, Profit/Loss, Target 1 Potential and Sort by: Upside Target 1 Profit.
  • High trade quality is screened by setting Target 1 Profit, Profit/Loss, and Target 1 Potential as shown below.
Search Tool Screener Options
  • SearchTool provides the investor with a way to screen stocks for double bottoms, tops, oversold and many more chart patterns for potentially profitable stock trades.
  • To perform a successful screen requires multiple search steps.
    • To limit your search to quality stocks first select a price and volume range using the "Price" and "Typ Volume" pulldown menus.
        To select more than one range select "Custom:" from the pulldown menu (see "Using Custom:" below for details).
    • If you now click on the "Search!" button you should see a list of stocks for the price and volume range you selected above.
        The number of stocks found should be less than the 6300+ stocks found if you clicked on "Search!" with all other fields set to the default "ALL".
    • Next select a few of the "Overall" and "Positioning" stock indicators to screen for general conditions.
    • After each indicator selection perform a search and then view a few stocks to verify the general qualities your looking for (verify partterns and setups using the stock charts).
    • Continue to add a few more stock indicators at a time (Timing, Upside Trade, etc...) and repeat the search until your satisfied with the type of stocks found.
Using Custom:
Custom screen options
  • Many indicator pulldowns have an option called "Custom:". This option is used for selecting more than one indicator range. For example: To find stocks with prices from 5-25 dollars, you would select the price pulldown "Custom:" and select both the 2. 5-12 and 3. 12-25 ranges (A popup window will allow you to select each range).
  • Once a custom range is set you will see a "CM:" with numbers corresponding to the ranges selected. In the example above "CM: 2,3" would be shown.
Saving stock screens
Stock screen saving options
  • Once a good stock screen is created it is important to save for later use.
  • To save a screen select one of the 25 open slots under the pulldown "Set Search as User Preset" (located near the top of the SearchTool page) and enter a search name (up to 30 chars).
  • To recall a saved stock screen select the name of your search from the pulldown "Recall User Preset".
Start and end of a screen
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