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The StockConsultant does it all, finds price targets, stops, breakout levels, support/resistance, and scans for opportunities just like your own professional trader.
  • T1 typical and T2 extreme price targets.
  • Breakout level alerts and targets.
  • Dynamic stop limits with trade profit & loss ratios.
  • Optimal stock entries using Trade Quality.
  • Real stock support and resistance areas w/ type and strength.
Evolution of a trade
  • Pre-Trade

  • Optimal Trade

  • Breakout

  • Post-Trade

  • Mon, 3:52 PM
    FIVN now a confirmed breakout
  • Mon, 10:11 AM
    AAPL at support with both a possible long and breakdown trade watch
  • Mon, 8:04 AM
    ATHM CAG CLDX LTRPA TEX stocks at support w/ high trade quality
  • Mon, 7:51 AM
    BPL FIVN THO notable breakout watch stocks
  • Fri, 4:37 PM
    KERX breakout watch above 6.01, and part of a longer bottom area breakout
  • Fri, 1:54 PM
    DATA remains strong w/ bottom breakout watch above 51.14, earnings on 5/5
  • Fri, 10:43 AM
    CRI breakout watch above 105.91
  • Fri, 9:05 AM
    NG strong move yesterday, continuation breakout w/ high volume 229% above normal
  • Fri, 9:03 AM
    CLDX bounce off 3.89 support, volume 45% above normal, bullish stats
  • Thu, 9:59 AM
    MU bottom breakout watch
  • Thu, 9:46 AM
    VIPS at support w/ high trade quality, bullish stats
  • Thu, 9:15 AM
    FLT FTR HK LDRH MBT NDSN POST notable breakout watch stocks
  • Wed, 4:44 PM
    NVDA new high breakout watch above 37.54, earnings on 5/5 aMkt
  • Wed, 11:39 AM
    KATE ULTA closing in on breakout levels
  • Wed, 11:23 AM
    JLL bottom breakout watch
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