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  • Stock T1/T2 price targets with stop limit prices.
  • Target potential (of reaching a stock's target).
  • Trade quality with profit/loss ratios.
  • Real stock support and resistance areas, type and strength.
  • Daily "Stocks to Watch" by founder Dan Chapman.
  • 41 hand picked custom stock sectors with charts and proprietary analysis.
  • View a whole sector or stock list (up to 35 stock charts) using the Portfolio tool.
  • And much more stock information! Just enter a symbol above and click on "Consult".
Apple stock analysis
Netflix analysis
FB analysis report
 StockConsultant Tools
  The Consultant
  • 5 free stock reports a day.
  • One convenient place to access detailed stock analysis, intraday, daily and yearly stock charts, quotes, indicators, market news, investor information and twitter links.
  • Use new stock technical analysis to learn when to place a trade and anticipate tops, bottoms, rallies, pullbacks and breakouts before they occur.
  • Easy to understand bullish and bearish stock indicators (support, resistance, targets, stops, breakout, trade quality and stock profit and loss).
  • Daily stock charts showing precise support and resistance areas, including the type (single, double, triple) and strength (1-10).
  • Proprietary stock chart indicators: RallyBands (minimum and maximum rally and pullback areas), SmartVolume (zoom in on stock volume details) and NewsCharts (click on the chart for news on that day).
  • Free real time charts (5 min, 15 min, 30 min and 60 min intraday to 10 day daily timeframe).
  • Tradable stock targets T1, T2, Breakout and stop limits with profit and loss ratios.
  • Fine tune stock trade parameters (price, targets, stop limit, breakout target etc...) on the fly with Upside ReCalc and Downside ReCalc stock tools.
  • Track and save up to 560 stocks with 8 user lists.
  • Premium unlimited access to all features for members, Why should I sign up?
  • Pop up window with 62 preset technical screens for stocks at overbought tops, oversold bottoms, support, resistance, breakouts, and breakdown levels!
  • Sort stock screen results by price, volume, profit (also breakout breakdown profit) and profit loss ratios.
  PreScreener PRO
  • Advanced screener software with 62 preset technical screens and custom stock screens by the site's founder.
  • A full page output to allows one to compare up to 35 stocks (such as Google, Apple, General Electric etc...) at once with supporting stock chart and technical stock analysis for each symbol.
  Stocks To Watch
  • Pop up window to view up to 70 long and 70 short stocks to watch selected by the site's founder.
  • Sort stocks by price, volume, stock profit, breakout/down profit, and typical rally/pullback points.
  Stocks To Watch PRO
  • Select either long or short "Stocks To Watch" lists created by the site's founder.
  • Full page results to view and compare 35 stock charts and accompanying technical analysis indicators.
  • Copy and paste stock to watch lists into one of 8 user lists.
  • Free stocks to watch limited to 3 stocks.
  • Real time stock portfolio manager, track up to 560 stocks, ETF's, sectors and stock market indexes with eight user stock lists.
  • Display and compare up to 35 stock charts, sectors, indexes, ETF's at one time on each page.
  • User customizable stock reports.
  • Free stock portfolio limited to leader stock list.
  • Quickly scan through 8 month and 1 year stock charts on up to 560 user saved stocks, market indexes and stock sectors.
  • Keyboard controlled fast stock scanning through each sector or user saved list.
  SearchTool stock screener
  • One of the best stock screeners for intraday and end of day momentum, (CANSLIM type) breakouts, breakdowns, bottoms, tops, support and resistance areas, and more on over 6500 stocks.
  • Sort the screener results by maximum trade profit, breakout profit, and profit loss ratios.
  • Quickly find stocks with SearchTool's unique screener software by displaying to 35 charts, indicators and information links on one page.
  • Save 25 of your top screens or use the built in presets.
  • Save or share unlimited Search text strings and plug in to recall search setups.
  • Free stock screener is limited to 3 search results.

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