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Website and Data Terms of Service
      These terms and conditions are a legal agreement between you ("You" or "Client" or "Subscriber") and Chapman Advisory Group L.L.C. dba StockConsultant.com ("Website", StockConsultant" "We" or "Us"). By accepting these terms and/or using the StockConsultant website, Data service, or other Data Services we provide (collectively our "Data Services"), you represent that you have authority to bind the party being issued access to our Data Services, such as through a API key or Password (your "Account") and otherwise act on their behalf (you and any such party are collectively referred to as "You"). In exchange for use of and access to our Website or Data Services you agree to be bound by these Data Services Terms and Conditions (this "Agreement"). This Agreement takes precedence over and supersedes any prior agreement, whether oral or written, express or implied, between the parties, including any non-disclosure or confidentiality agreement.

Permission to Use
You may use StockConsultant Website and Data Services and data you obtain from Us ("Data Services Data") only in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement, whether those Data Services are accessed (in our sole discretion) by you in automated fashion through connection to a web service, API, or through human input of email addresses. You are responsible for any and all use of Data Services by your Account. You agree to pay all charges arising from such use, pursuant to these or supplemental terms of payment. You therefore agree not to share your Website, Data Services Account password or API key with any person who is not your agent or employee authorized to act on your behalf.

Restrictions on Data You Receive From Us:
Subject to the terms of this Agreement and at our sole discretion, You may use Data to produce Reports or Materials, which may be distributed externally, if they contain only Insubstantial Amounts of the Data. "Insubstantial Amounts" of the Data means an amount that has no material commercial value as a product and could not be used as a substitute for StockConsultant products or services. Such Reports or Materials should state the source with text "Source StockConsultant.com".

Resale Prohibited. The Website and Data Services Data may be used solely for your own personal or internal business purposes. Except as otherwise permitted by Us in writing, You may not sell, lease, rent or except as otherwise set forth in this Agreement provide to any other party (i) the Website data, Data Services Data or a derivative of the Data Services Data, (ii) your own file, as enhanced with the Supplemental Data, or (iii) any direct model, analysis, code, or report utilizing or derived from the Data.

Further Third Party Restrictions: Client may not use the Data Services Data, in whole or in part, in the development of (i) any application that is outside the scope of this Agreement or (ii) any data products or services to be provided to third parties including, without limitation, any enhancement data appending service or product.

Security: You agree to use reasonable efforts to keep Data Services Data in a secure environment at all times according to commonly acceptable security standards for enterprise data, and in an environment at least as secure as that in which you keep your own confidential or proprietary data.

Other than as expressly allowed by this Agreement, you will not engage in the uploading, posting, decompiling, reverse engineering, disassembling, modification, copying, distribution, transmission, reproduction, republication, licensing, display, sale, or the transfer or creation of derivative products or other works of or from any product, service, information, content, software, message, advertisement or any other work found at, aggregated at, contained on, distributed through, linked to or from, downloaded to or from or in any other manner accessed from the Website or Data services.
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