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8 Month Stock Chart Overview

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  • Stock Chart Overview
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  • Smart Volume and Rally Band
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Stock Chart Overview
     The 8 month daily stock chart is updated intraday. Mouse over (T1, T2, S1, S2 BO, BD, 50ma, 100ma) links to display stock target, breakout and simple moving average values. Click on a candlestick body for stock news on that day. Mouse over the chart for stock quote information.
8 month stock chart
Chart Overlay
The intraday stock chart overlay makes it easier to compare the latest stock action.
Overlay of intraday chart
Smart Volume and Rally Band
     Smart Volume removes stock volume peaks (adding a letter key and value to each peak) making it easier to read. Rally Bands plotted on the chart display typical and extreme rally/pullback bands.
Smart Volume and Rally Band chart indicators
Chart Options
The chart options link is displayed in the bottom right corner of the 8 month chart area. Choose between bar and candlestick charts. Turn on stock resistance and support areas. Setup simple 2 to 140 day moving average lines.
Stock Chart Options, Bar Candlestick, Resistance Support
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