Trading Guide - Chapter 2
Momentum (with Trend) Long Trade
long trade target chart sample
long trade targets 1 and 2
Long Trade Action
Overall Indicator
long trade overall indicator
This indicator represents the overall picture for the past 2-4 months. Momentum and bottom trade setups require at least a mild bullish reading of 65% or greater.
Trade Quality Indicator
long trade quality indicator
trade idea
Stocks in a more extended two-week+ narrow price range can have high trade quality for long and short trades. In this case, look at other indicators for a hint of future direction (in uptrend? overall? bullish moneyflow/candlesticks?) to decide whether to take a long or short trade.
Trade Quality Cycle
long trade quality cycle
bottom trade sample
trade idea
It may take one to three months for a stock to stabilize, form support areas, start trending higher, and breakout into the previous price gap.
A failed breakdown in an established bottom area may signal a significant price reversal and trend change.
breakout trade sample
breakout trade sample
Breakout Types
The most reliable breakout patterns:
Short Run Breakout
short run breakout trade
Narrow Price Area Breakout
narrow price area breakout trade
Flat Top (Bull Flag) Breakout
flat top bull flag breakout
Bottom Breakout
bottom breakout
The least reliable breakout pattern:
Run Up Breakout
run up breakout
Narrow Range Breakouts And Support
narrow range breakout and support
Breakout Trade Action
Breakouts and Short Trades
Breakouts and short trades
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